I'm Michael Barrett.

Recent work

Their mozzarella sticks are the best December 28, 2022
French Toast December 3, 2022
Diner October 3, 2022
Ring Light August 2, 2022
Captain Sunshine August 2, 2022
Too early for breakfast July 18, 2022
Megagram July 1, 2022
Ring Daisy June 20, 2022
Pool Poppies June 20, 2022 SOLD
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I grew up in Charlotte, NC. I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After a brief stint painting murals and working in galleries, I completed a Master of Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. There, I began to experiment with web development, digital imaging, and large format printing.

After graduate school, I found my way into a software development career. I have worked primarily as a front-end engineer but I have also done full-stack web and service development in Java, C#, and Python. I have worked extensively with cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and has worked with container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes. Lately, I likes to say "JAMstack" in meetings to see if anyone notices.

I prefer VisualStudio Code as my JavaScript editor on macOS. I prefer Procreate on the iPad for painting. I prefer Sketch on macOS for creating web graphics. PixelmatorPro is pretty nice too.